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With request to the executive board, natural and juristic (e.g. institutes, companies, agencies etc.) persons can become member of the DTTG.
Services and benefits of the DTTG:
- Sponsoring the annual DTTG meeting
- Publishing the Reports of the DTTG (Publications)
- Newsletter containing information about society activities, related conferences a.o.
- Special discount on subscription to the journal "Clay Minerals" (incl. free online access)
- Free joint membership in AIPEA, the international clay organization.
- Joint meetings with other related societies and advanced training courses and workshops
- Excursions to laboratories, industrial plants, and field occurrences of clays
- Special fees for DTTG organised meetings
- right of proposal of the Karl-Jasmund-Award and the Gerhard-Lagaly-Award
- Karl-Jasmund-Award

Membership rates
  rate journal "Clay Minerals"
individual members Euro 40.00 Euro 55.00
student members Euro 10.00 Euro 55.00
legal entities (e.g., institutes, companies, agencies) Euro 90.00  

Membership application form: Adobe-Acrobat-PDF-File

The DTTG holds a membership or is associated in the following societies/organisations:
- AIPEA International Association for the Study of Clays
- MECC, a joint initiative of the national clay groups of Poland, Slowakia, Croatia, Hungary and Czech Republic. The Mid-European Clay Conferences are international meetings open to all interested in research on and/or application of clays. These conferences are an effective path for dissemination of information on scientific and technological potential linked to natural clay resources and environmental problems, mainly of Central Europe. They gather researchers from a broad background interested in clays from all over the world since 2001.
- ECGA European Clay Groups Association
- DBG German Soil Science Society
- DVGeo German Geoscience Association
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