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The DTTG is a community of scientists of the german speaking countries working on the field of clay science and technology in its broadest sense (mineralogy, geology, soil science, chemistry, material science, and engineering). The goal of the DTTG is to build a forum, unifying the modern and current research with the constantly changing main application and making the connection to the international standard.
Conferences, publications, workshops and field trips are the means and ways to it. The clay research presents itself every four years on the international clay conferences, at the Euroclay and on annual conferences of national clay groups. The annual meeting of the DTTG takes place at changing places in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Members of the society disseminate its knowledge e.g. in DTTG Workshops. The Workshops about analysis of clay and clay minerals takes place in the two-year rhythm. Further ones are written out occasionally.
The members of the german speaking researcher and user community are experts in the fields of geology, mineralogy, chemistry and soil science. The DTTG wants to respond to the public, part. to users in the clay and building industry and manufacturers of technical and customs ceramic(s), in geotechnical engineering and in agriculture and forestry as well as to the chemical industry as a user of optimized, modified clays, zeolites and other nano-minerals.

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